Resources and Support for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, and Chemical Injuries in Canada

Mylar Emergency Blankets

Mylar-based emergency blankets come in two types, both of which can usually found at Canadian Tire, Mountain Equipment Co-op or other sporting goods stores. Mountain Equipment Co-op seems to have the best prices consistantly, though a membership is required to shop there:

1. Coughlan's Emergency Blankets - made in Mexico.
- Made of aluminized non-stretch polyester film.
- Unfolded size is approximately 135 x 210 cm or 53 x 82 inches.
- Cost: $2-$4 (Cdn) generally. Mountain Equipment Co-op $1.70 (Cdn) fall, 2006 price.

2. Adventure Medical Heatsheet Emergency Blanket - made in the USA
- Made of Heatsheet®, a single layer of polypropylene film with vapor deposited aluminum
- Unfolded size is approximately 152 x 244cm or 60 x 96 inches.
- Cost: $5.75 (Cdn). Mountain Equipment Co-op fall, 2006 price.
- NOTE: One side of this company's blanket carries instructions on it for emergency situations in orange ink which some might not tolerate

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