Resources and Support for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, and Chemical Injuries in Canada

"How To" Instructions for Various Things

How To Conduct A Personal Test (or the Jar Test) The Jar Test is a very simple but effective way to gauge the tolerability of products or materials. It can be used for building supplies, fabrics, paper products or anything at all that you can fit in the jar.

Reusable Removable Tape This type of tape can be used to seal around cabinets, window edges, doors, sliding doors and other areas where a temporary seal is required with little risk to paints and finishes.

Room-style Air Cleaner: Particulates and VOCs

VOC Filtration How to make reasonably inexpensive VOC air cleaners.

HEPA Filtration How to a make reasonably inexpensive HEPA filter.

Filtering Air Through an A/C Unit

Adapting an Electronic Air Cleaner to Filter VOCs

How to Make a Furnace Filter to Filter VOCs

Mylar Emergency Blankets

Low Emission Computer Box An electrical engineer Harry — who is disabled — designs and develops low-emission computers for use by people with severe electrical sensitivity. Two computers are described here that are one-of-a-kind research and development projects he has worked on over several years in his home workshop.

Build Your Own Infra Red Sauna at Home by Dr. Lawrence Wilson The first portion of this page contains information on sauna use, scroll down towards the bottom for information and making one at home, including further link to diagram. Please make sure you use things you tolerate when making this! Dr. Wilson's directions for the frame use PVC pipe, but the directions could be readily adapted to a tolerated wood or other material.

Teardrop Trailers Links to pictures, instructions and plans to build traditional teardrop trailers as well as other versions.

Renovating an Airstream for someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity From Coalition Against Toxins: An account of an MCSr renovating an airstream.

Air Conditioners. Information on window-style air-conditioners and how they work. Peter kindly includes some pictures he took of one as he dismantled it to clean it. Thanks Peter!

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