Resources and Support for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, and Chemical Injuries in Canada

Pamphlets & Posters

The materials listed here can be used to educate on various issues surrounding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Environmental Illness or Chemical/Toxic Injury and covers such topics as pesticides, laundry products, perfumes and colognes and others.

Wendy Standish's MCS Pamphlet Adobe pdf Wendy has generously offered this pamphlet to the community to help in educating others on MCS. Thanks Wendy!

Understanding & Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living  Adobe pdf by Pamela Reed Gibson, Ph.D., James Madison University. (31 pages, printed.) This excellent educational tool discusses many of the issues and challenges faced in living with MCS. Easily understood, reasonably brief, and written re independent living issues, it is particularly useful in helping to educate social workers, agencies and governmental institutions, covering the gist of things exceedingly well while not being overwhelming.

Acute Toxic Effects of Fragrances business card Adobe pdf This card, made available by MCS-America, contains a portion of an abstract of a peer-reviewed scientific study on the acute toxic effects of fragranced products. Use it as you would a regular business card by adding your contact details to the front, or use it as is to place on bulletin boards to help educate about the toxic effects of chemicals used in fragrances.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Canadian content site By Helke Ferrie. Written version of oral presentation made on June 27, 2003, at the offices of Human Resources and Development Canada. An excellent presentation and summation. Helke's main website is Kos Publishing Inc.

Chemical Sensitivity Brochure The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation.

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