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Fabric Softener Complaints? Tell it to the CPSC. NOW! Please.

(by Barb Wilkie of Environmental Health Network)

HI, Folks

Off and on for years and years, I've complained to the Consumer Products Safety Commission about fragrances in fabric softeners and other products used for household and janitorial cleaning and maintenance chores. I never got anywhere, other than the fact that I got another gripe about fabric softeners, or other cleaning products, off of my chest.

In early January, following yet more incoming mail from folks needing help because of fabric softener pollution, I again wrote, but I was not cool, calm and collected in that letter. I was, I'd like to believe, polite. But I pleaded for help. Their help.

I heard back. They do not promise that "my" topic will be chosen for further research, but if so, I'll hear back sometime in mid February.

I feel that if all other folks who have trouble with scented cleaning and maintenance products contact the CPSC now, this topic may have a better chance of being selected.

Be sure to call your friends who would be interested but who cannot be reached by email. Do not claim you are "allergic" . . . even though we may use that so the general population gets a glimpse of our adverse health events, let them know of your neurological reactions -- and others such as respiratory distress and cardiovascular reactions; or whatever else you suffer.

On CPSC's site, go to Report Unsafe Products at

Then to For consumers: report an injury, death, or unsafe product to us

If you use the Internet, a form will pop up.

However you can also email them at

There is also a phone number, but then you don't have a record of what you said . . . or that you contacted them. 1-800-638-2772

Anyway, I'm not picky about how you reach them, just please do so if you suffer adverse health events to any cleaning and maintenance product, including air "fresheners" or disinfectants or fabric softeners or detergents, or scented trash bags or scented kitty litter . . . you've got the idea!

Thanks for your interest and time and effort to help clean the air AND the water . . . not to mention our bodies and the bodies of creatures with whom we share this planet!

Best wishes,
barb wilkie

EHN's FDA fragrance petition, 99P-1340, remains open
See the science, and then write the FDA!

EWG petitions FDA, June 2004
Support Cosmetic labeling petition,
Docket Number 2004P-0266

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