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Reusable Removable Tape

This type of tape can be used to seal around cabinets, window edges, doors, sliding doors and other areas where a temporary seal is required. Painters Mate Dropcloth Tape is made especially to stick temporarily (up to 2 weeks or so) and be removed without harming paint finishes. The foil tape (which is the side that will be facing the interior of the living space) is aluminum and is inert (doesn't give off VOCs). Because it also seals 100%, VOCs from the adhesive on the tape are unable to pass through it and so it acts to seal chemicals behind the tape from offgassing or contaminated air from moving through .

Note: Care should be taken when using this or any other sort of tape to seal an entrance way of a home, whether windows or doors, as in the event of an emergency, it could slow exiting.


Painters Mate Dropcloth Tape: Available in painting supply section of Home Depot or other such stores.

Aluminum Foil Tape: Available in heating and ducting section of Home Depot or other such stores.


Lay a strip of foil tape on tabletop with backing side facing up. Place Painters Mate Dropcloth Tape as indicated below.

The foil tape can be trimmed or not, as suits your needs. To use, peel backing from Painters Mate Dropcloth Tape and apply to area by pressing gently.

To remove this tape, simply make sure you are pulling all three layers of the tape: the foil tape, the tape backing (white in the pictures) and the green tape.

If removed carefully, the foil portion of the tape can be reused by either simply removing it's white backing paper or by making more of this "removable tape" by adding another layer of the green.

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