Resources and Support for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, and Chemical Injuries in Canada

Gloria Gilbere, N.D. D.A. Hom., Ph.D.

A doctor who was poisoned by her body and lived to write about it. Second Hand Reactions by Gloria Gilbere, N.D, D.A. Hom., Ph.D.

Allergic Reactions and Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. Gloria Gilbere. Kootenai Valley Times, July 27, 2000.

Allergy Medications Affect Driving and Workplace Safety Kootenai Valley Times, 2001.

EPA Ruling on Dursban For Household Use Gloria Gilbere Second Hand Reactions: (2000-014) (Click on Articles to access.)

Five Ingredients in Cosmetics That Raise "RED FLAGS" Kootenai Valley Times.

Fluoride and 'Man's Best Friend' Kootenai Valley Times.

Hair Spray: Toxins Can Contribute A Firm Hold on Allergic Reactions Kootenai Valley Times, September 1, 2000.

How Can Real Estate Agents Help Clients With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities? Kootenai Valley Times.

MSG is a DRUG and NEURO-TRANSMITTER Kootenai Valley Times.

Plants Help Reverse Indoor Air Pollution and Allergies Kootenai Valley Times, October 6, 2000.

The Road to Reversing MCS/EI is Paved With Good Intestines Published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors January 2001.

Wick-ed Candles: They "light up your life" and endanger your children Kootenai Valley Times, August 17, 2000.

Women Experiencing Allergic Reactions From Some Progesterone Creams Kootenai Valley Times, 2001.

"Walk Around The Block" Can Mean "Symptoms Around the Clock" Kootenai Valley Times, October 13, 2000.

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