Resources and Support for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, and Chemical Injuries in Canada

Gerald H. Ross, M.D.

A Comparison Study Of Environmentally Sensitive Patients And Controls,Measuring Toxicological, Nutritional, Immunological And Biochemical Parameters. Gerald H. Ross abstract 1989

Advocacy, Bias, and the Herd Instinct in Medicine Source: This article was originally published in Apr. 1994 in the Canadian Family Physician, 40, 661-663.

Autonomic Pupillographic Responses to Double-Blind ElectromagneticChallenge in the EMF Sensitive Patient Gerald H. Ross abstract b 1991 (Case Presentation)

Clinical Characteristics of Chemical Sensitivity: An Illustrative Case History of Asthma and MCS Abstract

Considerations for the diagnosis of chemical sensitivity In National Research Council. Multiple chemical sensitivities: Addendum to biologic markers in immunotoxicology. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press (pp.169-192).

Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity William J. Rea, MD, FACS Gerald H. Ross, M.D., CCFP This article was first published in 1991 in the Journal of Bioelectricity, 10(1&2), 241-256.

Environmental and ECU Treatment of a Patient with Allergic Asthma, Laryngeal Stridor, and Chemical Sensitivities Gerald H. Ross abstract 1993.

Environmentally Induced Neuropathic Symptoms A Review of the Symptoms, Types of Exposures and Chemical Contamination Found among Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas abstract 1996

History and Clinical Presentation of the Chemically Sensitive Patient This article is excerpted from the original published in 1992 in Toxicology and Industrial Health, 8(4), 21-28. The graphics included in the original publication are not presented here.

Intravenous Nutrition Abstract 1995 Gerald H. Ross

Long-Term Follow-up on Electromagnetically Sensitive Patients 1997 Gerald H. Ross

Man Made Food Toxins Abstract 1995 Gerald H. Ross

Psychoneuroimmunology EHPS V.105 Supplement 2: Table Nicholas Cohen,1 Howard Kehrl,2 Birgitta Berglund,3 Ann O'Leary,4 Gerald Ross,5 James Seltzer,6 and Clifford Weisel7

Response to Errors Prevalent in the Understanding of Environmental Illness This article was generated in response to widely circulated assertions that there is no good data on the epidemiology of environmental illness and that the causal etiology of environmental illness is not known.

The Clinical Presentation of Patients with EMF Hypersensitivity 1997 Gerald H. Ross

Transfer FactorCResearch Results and Implications for Aging Deceleration Abstract 1992

Treatment Options in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity This article was originally published in 1992 in Toxicology and Industrial Health, 8(4), 87-94. It is part of the Proceedings of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Workshop, Washington, D.C., of the Association of Occupations and Environmental Clinics (AOEC), with support from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR).

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