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Teardrop Trailers -- make your own

What's a Teardrop Trailer? Teardrop trailers are camping trailers that were popular from the '30s to the '50s. They typically sleep two inside, and have a galley under a rear hatch. From there, the possibilities are endless. They can be made from aluminum and safe-for-you materials and costs minimized. The links below are provided only as a general guide to the type of trailer and ideas for plans. We have no experience with either the plans or the companies. As well, a search on your favourite search engine will probably turn up many more designs, as well as some free plans.

Kuffel Creek Press
Teardrop and Other Trailer Designs
T&T's Teardrop Plans Directory!
Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers: Discussion Group
Teardrop Trailer Frames

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